FTM Transgender Bathroom Guide

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FTM Transgender Bathroom Guide

There’s nothing quite as uncomfortable as being stealth in a workplace without transgender bathroom options and having to use the bathroom. You hold it as long as you can until eventually racing to the washroom finding 3 urinals and only 1 stall. If you don’t have an STP device your only choice is to use the stall, It’s taken. What do you do?

You have 2 options:

Toilet paper trick

If I have to sit on the toilet to urinate I usually try and pretend I’m taking a dump. (Fart if you really have to sell it).

Here’s a trick I use when I forget my STP and have to use public bathrooms. This method works 90% of the time and only fails if the environment is too quiet or if there’s not enough toilet paper used for sound padding.

Grab a wad of toilet paper and set it on top of the water.

This will help with the sound of trickling liquid into the toilet bowl.

Careful not to use too much toilet paper though, you could plug the toilet. After practicing this a few times you’ll have the right amount down pretty good.

Before urinating, grab a second palm-sized wad of toilet paper. Hold it between your legs just above the toilet paper you set ontop the water.

transgender bathroom passing

Control Your Flow! Nice and Easy!

The extra TP at a higher level will break the fall of your urine. If after all this it seems like your urine is still making a sound, rustle around with the toilet paper roll as if your grabbing some but having a hard time… That should cover the sound in case your feeling insecure.

It helped to hear from cis male friends that they sit and pee on the toilet at work all the time. They said sometimes your just tired of standing and need a reason to sit. While it sounds lazy, its a damn good excuse if you need one.

If you’re pre T and want to know how to get started on your journey check out Transgender FTM: How to transition FTM.

STP Device (Stand To Pee Device)

Dude, transgender bathroom situations can be awkward enough and for that reason, I hardly leave the house without my STP.

I have a cheap one I use for work and a more expensive realistic one I use any other time.

I drink a lot of water at work so I’m constantly using the bathroom. If I’m always using the stall it looks lazy to anyone who comes in after me. They’re probably assuming I’m on my phone in there for the 3rd time today. Plus if there’s only 1 stall and its occupied, I have to either walk all the way back to my work area without using the bathroom and keep an eye for the person to come out or wait there awkwardly until they’re done.

For these reasons I bought my Fenis STP a few years back and to be completely honest, I couldn’t imagine being without it. In fact, the days I am without it seem to be the days I feel I’m more likely to be attacked by Gender Dysphoria. I bought this STP for only $16 or something and to be truthful, for a cheap STP it does the trick very well.

Beat Gender Dysphoria and buy your Fenis.

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