Subcutaneous Injection: How To SUBQ

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How To SUBQ Injection

What Is Subcutaneous Injection?

Subcutaneous injection (SUBQ) is the process of using a short needle to inject into the tissue layer between the skin and the muscle.

How to SUBQ injection

If you’re new to giving yourself injections, here’s a simple how-to subq injection guide.

If you use subq injection methods, then you already know how much easier it is compared to intramuscular injections (IM)! Switching to subq instantly relieved my needle anxiety.

Subcutaneous injection is much less dangerous than intramuscular injection and even helps testosterone absorb slower because it’s time-released through the fat tissue. Subq injection goes into your extra tissue, making the shot day much less painful.

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I’m not a doctor. You should have a certified medical professional show you this technique and ask if its right for you. Everybody is different. Before starting this, make sure with your doctor that the subcutaneous injection technique is right for you.

Things you want to have ready:

  • Testosterone
  • 2 Rubbing alcohol wipes – A 200 Pack on Amazon is less than $15 find them here
  • A cotton ball – A Bag on Amazon less than $5 find them here
  • 1/2 inch 26 gauge needle (0.45mm x 13mm)
  • A larger gauge needle for drawing the thick testosterone. I use a 1 inch 20 gauge needle, but this is just personal preference
  • A syringe – A box of 100 on Amazon will last 100 shots for cheap find them here
  • Bandaid

It may seem like a lot upfront. However, once you have a supply of everything for your shots, these things last A LONG TIME. If you buy a box of 100 syringes and take a bi-weekly subcutaneous injection, these syringes will last you almost 2 years!

   Subcutaneous Injection Prep

First, you’re going to wash your hands in warm water. Once you’re all clean, take one of your rubbing alcohol swabs and wipe the top of your testosterone vial.

Prepping The Needle

Grab your larger needle and let’s imagine your weekly or bi-weekly dose is half a millilitre every week. For example, you’re going to fill the syringe with half a millilitre of air.

Insert your larger gauge needle into the vial and push that half a millilitre of air into the bottle.

**We use a larger gauge to draw the testosterone out of the vile because testosterone is a thicker substance. It is possible to use a smaller needle to draw it out, but its time consuming and frustrating. You’ll also want to use a different needle to draw than the one you’re injecting with. Poking the needle through the vile dulls the tip.**

Draw the needle plunger back until you’re a little bit past your dose worth of testosterone.

Flick the syringe to push any possible air bubbles to the top.

Put the needle back in the vial and push until the syringe reads your dose. In this case, for example, half a millilitre.

Pull the needle out of the vile and drawback on the plunger. All the excess testosterone is now out of the needle head and all into the syringe. We don’t want to waste any testosterone in the process.

Switching To Subcutaneous Needle

Next, we’re going to be changing the needle head to the smaller 1/2 inch 26 gauge needle to be inserted as a Subq injection.

Once all the testosterone is out of the needle head, Twist it off and drop it into a sharps container. You can usually get these for free if you call clinics in or around your city.

Unwrap your 1/2 inch 26 gauge needle and twist it on to the syringe (not too tight or you’ll jeopardize the seal and not too loose) finger tight. Take off the needle cover and Push up on to the needle until one drop of testosterone oozes out the top of the needle head.

Your shot is ready to go

Stay away from about a 2-inch diameter in all directions from your belly button. Some people like to work like a clock around the belly button, rotating subq injection sites to avoid scar tissue. It’s all personal preference.

Locate your subcutaneous injection site take your rubbing alcohol swab and clean the entire area.

Some people like to do their shot fast like a dart and get it over with, and some prefer to do it slowly, so there’s less anxiety about it. Again, it’s all preference, and the way you take your shot doesn’t make the man, just get it done!

After I pick my injection site, I pinch the area with my fingers and hold my prepped needle at a 90-degree angle, ready for injection.

I count to 3, and without time for overthinking or hesitation, I insert the needle into the injection site, push down on the syringe and release that amazing feel-good hormone into my body.

Don’t forget to breathe

Often times during my shot, I realize I’m holding my breath. It’s essential to keep a steady, calm breath when doing your injection. Breathe 4 seconds in, 6 seconds out, pause, repeat.

Almost Done!

Once the syringe is empty, at the same angle (90 degrees), gently pull the needle from your stomach, use your dry cotton swab and apply pressure where the needle was. Dap up any blood. Apply Band-Aid. Massage your injection site lightly.

You did it! I’m so proud of you, man! Do you see how easy that was? How are you feeling?

If you are currently already taking a subcutaneous injection, how do you feel about them? Did you switch from intramuscular injections?

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