STP & Packer All In One

What is an STP (Stand To Pee) device?

This allows you to pee standing up and range from plastic non-realistic funnels like GoGirl to extremely realistic silicone penises.

Basically they are a hollowed out packer to allow the urine to flow through.

What is a Packer?

A packer is a phallic object that FTM transmen put in their underpantsto give a more masculine bulge and to help themselves curb that evilGender Dysphoria.

An STP Packer does BOTH!!!

A STP Packer is a tool that helps you pack all day and still use the urinal when you gotta go.

There are some STP Packer that also multi purpose as basically a prosthetic penis. You can pack all day, whip it out as an STP when you have to urinate and when the moods right, they come with a rod you can insert through the shaft of your prosthetic penis to penetrate that special someone.. Or something if that what your into… No judgement here.

Though most of these prosthetic penises cost a little more than the average STP or Packer, they are well worth it in battling that evil Gender Dysphoria

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