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To include yourself in the story, replace _________ with your name.

_______ woke up to the roaring sound of thunder outside and as usual, laid in bed for an hour or so looking at the ceiling, lost in thought.

“Ugh another day”, “How am I going to get through this”, “I don’t even want to get out of bed”.

An alarm interrupted, “beep beep, beep beep, beep beep!” and _______ stretched across the side of the bed for their phone “11:45 am 1 unread message”.

Message from Olivia- “Hey _______, are you still coming out with the girls to the trampoline park this afternoon?”

_______ dazes off and becomes lost in thought again.

“I don’t really want to, but how will that make me look?”, “I hate how the trampolines make my chest bounce.”, “Girl days out always make me feel uncomfortable.”, “Why do I feel so unrelatable.”, “No one understands me.”, “I hate this”, “I hate myself for hating this”.

_______ opens the Facebook app and begins mindlessly scrolling their news feed. An old childhood friend shared a Facebook memory “I started Hormone Replacement Therapy 1 Year ago today and it has been the best decision I made in my life! I finally feel like myself!”

“They are so brave, I wish I had that courage”, “Look at all the support from friends they have!”, “I wonder if my friends would still talk to me if I told them how I’ve been feeling…”

_______ continues scrolling and another post pops up reading, “Transgender Test: Are You, Transgender? Click Here to Take The Test”. Curiously, _______ clicks the link and starts the quiz.

“I really relate to a lot of these questions but I’m not sure if I could ever be ok with openly being ‘trans’, what would my parents think?”

After the quiz, _______ is redirected to a page “How To Begin Your Transition: Transgender and Where To Start”. The website had profiles and Facebook pages for hundreds of transgender people who have begun their transition and all look so happy. Some are getting married, starting college, getting surgery to look like they always wanted! “Wow”, _______ thought. “I wonder if I could be as happy as these guys?”

_______ reads step 2 in How To Begin Your Transition: Transgender and Where To Start, “Make a Dr’s appointment with your family doctor”.

“Maybe its time I don’t care what others think”, “Before I hit puberty I was so happy, running around, playing with friends… I miss feeling that carefree.”, “I’m going to do this!”, “I owe it to myself”.

Even though _______ hasn’t started HRT yet, after making the decision and giving them self permission to accept the fact that they are transgender, _______ can feel a giant weight has been lifted.

100th Shot Day

Fast forward 100 shots to the future, _______ has begun hormone replacement therapy and is finally on the path to their true self. _______ feels great physically and more stable mentally, all of _______’s old problems seem to have faded away when they made the decision to accept themselves and transition.

But, there are a few new obstacles arising with the transition. _______ has bi-annual meetings with their hormone doctor for check-ups (mentally and physically). _______ explains that they’ve been experiencing more anxiety lately. “When I leave the house I’m so insecure of myself, I wonder if I’m passing enough and if people notice that I was assigned a different gender at birth. I know that in time I will pass just fine but while I’m in transition I feel like I’m not passing enough for the gender I feel” _______ admits.

The doctor explained that it is all apart of the journey but there are many things _______ can do to feel more comfortable during the transition. The DR recommended _______ visits as many of his trans patients frequently visit the website as a guide and life-saving reference through their transition.

200th Shot Day

_______ posts a recent picture on Facebook with the caption “I can’t believe how well I’m transitioning. When I first started I didn’t imagine any of this was possible, it has been a bumpy road but at least I’m battling bumps on the road to being my true self and not fighting someone else’s journey from the comfort of my bed. Thank you for all the support I’ve received! I FEEL GREAT”

Dreams Come True

_______ woke up to the calming sound of birds chirping outside, the sun was beaming in through their window and their partner was calling from the kitchen downstairs “_______, coffee is ready and I made breakfast, come down and eat with me!”

_______ laid in bed for a minute and thought “Wow, this is everything I’ve always wanted”

While walking downstairs _______ caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and a single happy tear rolled down their face, “I love you” _______ whispered to their reflection.

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