Mental Health Day: 12 tips to get back on track

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“I am not what I think I am. I am not what you think. I am what I think, you think, I am”

-Charles Cooley

Mental Health Day

In the United States, this year, 47 million people struggled with mental health.

Why is the crippling power of mental health so underestimated? 

The idea that you could be dying inside mentally, but since it’s not physical, no one cares. That’s fucking bazaar to me.

It’s ok to feel not ok, and it’s comforting to know your not alone in feeling this way. 

If you’re feeling alone, please don’t ever hesitate to contact me. I’m not a professional, but I do care.

If you’d rather talk to a professional, here’s a number for Trans LifeLine 1-877-565-8860 in Canada and the US. They also help families with tips for preventing suicide.

Mental Health and How To Get Back On track

Here are a few things that help bail me out when I’m struggling with mental health:


Meditation is so underrated and something that’s been growing on me. You can find many easy-to-follow guided meditations on YouTube.

Here’s a video on how to meditate for beginners 


Get physical. Mental health is mental, so it’s essential to try and get out of your head and into your body. 

Go for a walk, run or workout. Do what you’ve got to do to get your blood pumping! I promise you it helps. 

Studies show that at least 21 minutes of physical activity each day can help relieve anxiety. Stay consistent.

Talk to anyone

They don’t even have to respond. There are days you may need to vent and get it out of your head so you can relax.

Talk to a professional

Sometimes you don’t have anyone to talk to; maybe everyone’s busy, or they always respond with the wrong thing to say.

Nothing is wrong with talking to a professional, it helps a lot, and they always have great ideas, techniques, and advice. No shame.


Try the 30-day affirmation challenge. I know, to some, it sounds like some hocus-pocus Voodoo stuff, but your subconscious plays a big part in how you feel daily. 

If you wake up telling yourself without realizing that you’re not valuable or that your opinions don’t matter, you will believe it whether you like it or not.

Daily affirmations help you to break that cycle and push you many steps closer to pure and complete happiness.

Grounding technique

Grounding is excellent to bring you back to the moment. Try practicing this grounding exercise. 

Look around and name: 

Five things you see, 

Four things you feel, 

Three things you hear, 

Two things you smell, 

One thing you taste.

Make a doctor’s appointment

There’s no problem with going to your doctor with mental health issues. So many of us have too much pride to see a doctor about things bothering us. Do what you’ve got to do.

Don’t oversleep 

Try matching your sleep-wake schedule to the natural circadian rhythms of when the sun wakes up you wake up, and when the sun goes down you rest for the night

Eat a well-balanced organic plate

Physical health is very much connected to mental health if you find yourself slugging around more often or not eating or getting the proper nutrients it can affect you mentally

Gut Flora

Did you know your gut bacteria can affect your mental health? Ask your naturopath if probiotics are right for you.

Drink Enough Water

Some times dehydration can disguise itself as mental health problems. Make sure your drinking enough water for your body weight.


Bro, you don’t have to struggle alone. There’s no shame in mental health and its important to remember the faster you reach out, the quicker you can be healed. The key to these 12 tips is consistency. There will come a time where you will start to feel better and may stop doing all the things that made you feel better. You may find yourself struggling again. Find balance and incorporate all of these tips into your daily routine for a healthy life. 

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