Gender Dysphoria: What Is It? The Villain

gender dysphoria
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The evil villain in your story is Gender Dysphoria.

Gender Dysphoria internalizes his anger until it turns into self-hate.

He remains “in control” by befriending those who feel misunderstood.

His full daily diet consists of insecurities, self-esteem, and self-respect. He feeds off of all the body positivity in your mind until you feel like there is no hope for you.

His weapon is anxiety and depression and he is very skilled. If untrained, within seconds he could have you on the ground feeling weak and vulnerable.

Deep down he is sad, disappointed, and hurt.

He forces his victims to feel resentful of who they are, telling them 101 reasons to hate themselves from the minute they wake up until they lay in bed at night with crippling anxiety.

Knowing your most hurtful thoughts, Gender Dysphoria tries to make sure you will never feel good enough.

He knows if you ever did understand your true worth, he would be no match for your strength. He is a weak man who hides behind your weaknesses to intimidate you.

If being attacked by Dysphoria some symptoms include:

  • Feeling hate towards yourself
  • Feeling ashamed/ hateful of your body image
  • Anxiety, especially in social situations
  • Depression, lost hope
  • Sadness that feels so deep down
  • Hopelessness attitude towards life
  • Disgusted at your reflection
  • Distracted during regular activities
  • Showing signs of insecurities sexually

This guide contains everything you need in order to learn how to Be Your Own Hero and save your life!

I have personally beat Gender dysphoria, many times. It’s an ongoing battle but the rewards are so worth it. I created this guide just for you! To make you the Hero in your own story! You deserve it, bro. I hope you find this Guide useful in your FTM journey.

Godspeed, My Friend.

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